Why You May Never See Lorde On Snapchat

by Michelle McGahan

Anyone who follows Lorde on social media knows that she is a gem of a human being. She's insightful, witty, and is, of course, a craftsman with words, whether that be via Instagram captions or 140-character tweets. This is all to say that adding Lorde on Snapchat would probably be a wise decision for anyone who wants quality content in their feed (important reminder: She once tweeted this epic comeback in defense of Taylor Swift). Does Lorde have Snapchat?

Fun fact: Lorde has tweeted about Snapchat before (multiple times, in fact), but it does not appear that she actually has a public account. Back in April 2016, the "Glory and Gore" singer analyzed everyone's fave social media platform while at Coachella, remarking that she was all about the filters, but explaining to a fan that she likes to keep some aspects of her life ~a mystery~. (When your entire life is up for public consumption, I get the desire to keep some things close to the vest.)

"main discovery from coachella weekend: everyone loves to snapchat absolutely everything," Lorde commented at the time. "pro: i think the faces are cute and funny. con: i am into having fun that isn't on the internet before it's even finished happening."

When asked by a fan if that meant she was probably not going to create an account, Lorde was honest in her response:

So while it looks like the singer may not be blessing us with hilarious face swaps and various other filters just yet, there may have been a time, three years ago, when she at least had an account to share those kinda things with friends:

However, it's clear that for now, Lorde is totally cool with the social media presence she has and isn't eager to add to it. Again, I totally get it: As a relatively private celeb in the world of oversharing and over-saturation, Lorde wants to keep some things about her personal life a mystery. And isn't that what makes her so appealing in the first place?