Lorde Shuts Down Diplo's Taylor Swift Diss

This really isn't going to help with those rumors that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are in a feud. Not one bit. At the moment, Perry is rumored to be dating Diplo, gossip that was fueled by the fact that she spent her birthday with him, and at the moment Swift is rumored to have written "Bad Blood" about Perry. Those two items together might have been what led to this bizarre and unnecessary tweet that was posted on Wednesday. Apparently, Diplo wants to get Swift a booty. From this, I have two questions. First, what does Swift's booty have to do with Diplo? Second, no, seriously, what does Swift's booty have to do with Diplo?

The producer made absolutely no explanation for why he was thinking about Swift's rear end in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, but apparently her (lack of) booty is of such great offense to him that he threw a general request out to his followers to set up a Kickstarter to buy her a new one. I'm not making this up. Even worse, someone actually did it and Diplo later linked to the site — which already has a donation of $45 and 27 supporters as of this writing.

I've got a headache from how outrageously offensive this is. I can only assume that it was inspired by Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine cover that was designed to break the Internet, but this should really go down in web history as the absolute worst way to respond to that cover — if, indeed, this was a response to that and not some kind of warped defense of Perry from the "Bad Blood" rumors. Honestly, I can't think of any other vague way that Diplo and Swift could be connected enough for him to have any kind of reason to talk about her. And there's no way they have been connected that would give him the right to talk about her body in this way.

However, I'm not the only one who was absolutely disgusted by this unwarranted insult. Swift's biggest fan and one of her closest friends jumped into the fray in her defense, sparing the pop star the need to acknowledge any of this at all. That's right, Swift and Lorde's best friendship got ten times cuter all thanks to an incisive comment from Lorde that repaid body shaming with body shaming in a pretty epic way.

Was it the most tasteful or classy way to respond to the diss? Probably not. I mean, paying body shaming unto body shaming is never the right thing to do. However, that doesn't change the fact that it was epic and it certainly doesn't change the fact that Lorde and Swift have the cutest friendship on the planet. For Lorde to rise so instantaneously to the pop star's defense was a great thing for her to do and it was at least handled in a classy way. Diplo's original tweet went unnoticed and uncommented on by both of them, but, when he actually went so far as to tweet a link to such a fundraising website, that's when Lorde took action. And that was the right time for her to do so, since it turned his insensitive "joke" into a very real and very offensive existing site.

So the next time Diplo decides to attack Swift for no good reason, entirely unprovoked and unexplained, maybe he should think twice. After all, Swift collects female friends like coins — and her Swifties are fierce in defense of their queen. It's not quite to One Direction or Justin Bieber fan levels, but it's fierce enough. He might incite the wrath of half the Internet and about fifty thousand celebrities if he continues this feud any further.