15 Things I Wish I'd Known About Prom

Oh, prom. It's a night for ball gowns, all-night dancing and epic romance — in our dreams. In reality, prom is just another high school dance. That doesn't mean it has to be lame, but it does mean it miiight not meet the sky-high expectations set by the movies (looking at you, Pretty in Pink). If we could go back and do it all again, we wouldn't change a thing. But there are a few things we wish we knew before the big night.

1. Figure out your underwear sitch.

Before the night of — if you don't have the right bra or underwear, you could end up going commando. No one likes a panty line, especially in formalwear.

2. About that dress...

Anything you think looks "hot" in high school stands a chance of making you cringe by your 10-year reunion. Tread lightly with the bedazzling, cut-outs and minis — especially all at once.

3. Oh, and you'll never re-wear the dress.

Think of it as the high school version of the bridesmaid dress — don't try to justify the overspending, just embrace it. PS: You will also never rewear the shoes you dyed to match your dress.

4. Bring socks.

As anyone who's ever attended a Bar Mitzvah can tell you, no matter how much you love those shoes you dyed to match your dress, you'll regret the heels as soon as you hit the dance floor.

5. Go easy on the fake tan.


6. Go with a friend.

It's not lame — it just means you're not letting your night be dictated by someone who a) you don't know if you really like and b) you probably won't even talk to after sophomore year of college.

7. On that note, when your date says "go as friends"...

...he or she means "go as friends."

8. The venue and decor is going to resemble Steve Feinberg's bar mitzvah.

And look nothing like any school dance from TV. Themes: good in theory, kinda tacky IRL (see: Under the Sea).

9. Don't forget to take pictures at prom.

Do you really want the only photographic proof of your night to be the awkward, formal pre-prom pics on someone's staircase?

10. Making out on the dance floor will always be fun.

And never be classy. (Unless you are RPatz and KStew and surrounded by twinkling lights in a private gazebo.)

11. Your date can't dance.

Seriously. No male high school senior — except maybe Zac Efron — can wow you on the dance floor. Scientific fact.

12. Being prom queen is not that big of a deal.

Chances are, those girls will peak in high school. Your time is still to come!

13. Haters gonna hate, but even the too-cool-for-school kids secretly love prom.


14. When that last nostalgic song plays (think Fun.'s "We Are Young"), there will be a massive circle dance, and everyone will link arms and sway.

It will be awkward.

15. Prom probably won't live up to expectations.

And that's OK. But if you don't plan to make it perfect, it might just be perfect — just enjoy it and have fun!

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