There Could Be Big Surprises In 'GG' Revival

I think one of the biggest questions on every Gilmore Girls fan’s mind is whether or not the four new episodes slated to premiere on Netflix on November 25 will feel exactly like the original series or like something new and completely different. Of course somewhere right in the middle is always an option, too, but even the smallest changes to the characters or their lives might feel enormous for a show that has been so fervently loved by its fans. The Gilmore Girls' script surprised Scott Patterson, and when the actor admitted that there are several changes made from the original, I just about lost my mind. Couple that with the fact that Lauren Graham recently commented on how much changes for Lorelai in the final episode, and I have a feeling there are some big changes in store for our favorite Stars Hollow characters.

I have another feeling, too, and that is my increasing desire, with every new interview that is released, to slip into a deep sleep and not wake up until I can watch the new episodes in their entirety, because the suspense of all of these hints really is starting to wear on me. Slowly but surely, this Gilmore Girls revival will be the death of me. And Patterson’s comments about the changes in store for these characters is one more nail in the coffin. Speaking exclusively with Marina Smith, Patterson said, when asked if fans could expect more of the same in these new episodes, that “there was a lot that surprised [him]” when he first received the scripts. Of course he doesn’t go into any detail beyond that, but that could mean that these storylines might just show us a whole other side to the characters we know and love.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the best stories in the world show characters who undergo some sort of change, both over time and from the beginning to the end. It would likely feel stale if we found Rory and Lorelai living the same lives they have always lived and with no real conflict to muscle through.

If you ask me, all of these supposed “changes” could signal some exciting things for the Gilmore Girls revival. New developments and challenging storylines are likely in store, but all of these hints from cast members could also mean that the writing in the new episodes really is that strong.

And that is a good thing. After all, that is what we fans want more than anything else. Yes, even more than Rory’s love life to reach some sort of closure.

Image: Netflix