James Hinchcliffe & Calvin Johnson Jr. Performed A Wild Paso Doble As Team Last Men Standing On 'Dancing With The Stars'

There are only two men left on Dancing With The Stars, and James Hinchcliffe and Calvin Johnson, Jr., paired up in Week 9 of Dancing With The Stars to stake their claim at the Mirrorball trophy. Dancing as “Team Last Men Standing,” James Hinchcliffe and Calvin Johnson, Jr. danced a fierce paso doble on Dancing With The Stars that made me wish I could get on the floor and do the same thing.

Apparently, these guys are having a little bit of a bromance during their time on Dancing With The Stars. It makes sense – they’re both athletes, and they’re the only non-cast men left on the show. I could see them bonding, complete with stupid jokes and plenty of first bumps. Their partners, Sharna Burgess and Lindsay Arnold, choreographed a wild west-themed paso doble for them to dance to, and it was full of all of the faux gun-slinging and big-skirted action you could possibly want from this Maverick-meets-Dancing With The Stars combination. The judges loved it, too, remarking that the paso really shows how technical both are as dancers and how they can dance really well in unison, which was the whole point of this exercise. Team Last Men Standing for the win!

If I had to pick one of the members of Team Last Men Standing to get the Mirrorball trophy, I think it would be James Hinchcliffe. No offense to Megatron and his fans, but James has gotten exponentially better and better every week, perfect scores and all. As much as I would love to see Lindsay Arnold take a team to the end, I think Sharna Burgess (even though she’s injured right now with a bad knee!) will take this one to the end.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC