Who Is Plastic Martyr? The 'Little Women: LA' Season 5 Reunion Guest Is Going To Cause A Stir

The Season 5 reunion of Little Women: LA kicks off on Wednesday night, and I can already tell that it's going to be one of the most explosive yet. That's because the only sneak peek available on Lifetime's website shows a woman named Plastic joining the Little Women: LA reunion, followed by Briana and her husband Matt immediately storming off the set. So who is Plastic, and why would her presence at the Little Women: LA Season 5 reunion cause such a strong reaction from Briana and Matt?

Hopefully, the exact reason for Briana and Matt's walk-off will be revealed during Part 1 of the reunion airing on Wednesday night. But if you've watched any of this season of Little Women: LA, it should probably come as no surprise to you that Briana and Matt would react that way to Plastic. In fact, what is surprising is that none of Briana's Little Women: LA castmates walked off with them. But this preview only shows a minute out of an hour-long reunion, so more fiery exits are definitely possible.

If you're a Little Women: LA fan and have been keeping up with this season, you probably already know who Plastic is, but in case you don't, here's why she'll will definitely leave an impression during this season's reunion.

She Caused Some Major Drama Earlier This Season

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Matt has admitted to sexting other women in the past while he was with Briana, and Christy alleged to the group that he had been at it again with a transgender model earlier this season. That model turned out to be Plastic Martyr, who claimed to Christy that Matt had DMed her on Instagram after seeing a photo of herself with Briana, who was a good friend of hers at the time. In the sneak peek of the reunion, Matt claims that he stopped sexting other women after promising Briana he would. Plastic then alleged that Matt had expressed a desire to sleep with her before she underwent surgery to treat gender dysphoria. She also claimed that he used the offensive terms "tranny" and "midget," and sent her a photo of his penis.

Christy brought Plastic along to Tonya's activewear photo shoot in the hopes of proving to the other ladies that she wasn't lying about Matt's alleged sexting, which proved to be a big mistake. Tonya was not happy that focus was being taken away from the job at hand, and when Plastic tried to explain her side of the story to the group, the Lil Boss was not having it. She said she didn't care about what Plastic had to say and asked her to leave. Plastic accused Tonya of being transphobic. Just as Plastic was about to leave, Tonya called her "girl/boy," which caused the scene to erupt into shouts and expletives. So I have to wonder if Tonya is going to get up and leave when Plastic arrives at the reunion, too.

She May Look Familiar

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You may have seen Plastic before she entered the world of Little Women: LA. She's a well-known trans activist, actress, and model, who can usually be found on a red carpet, as you can see from her Instagram profile.

She Appeared On The Show To Set The Record Straight

After the aforementioned preview of Plastic on the Little Women: LA reunion was released, she wrote a lengthy post on Instagram explaining why she decided to appear on the show. "The producers of the show called me and asked me if I wanted to come on and clear my name and give the truth and an accurate representation of what happened," she wrote. "I said yes as anyone would have done. I did not want the lies and gossip stories out there with misinformation regarding me." We'll have to wait and see if the Little Women: LA cast will finally be open to hearing what Plastic has to say during the reunion.

She's Still Besties With Christy...

No matter what goes down at the Little Women: LA reunion with Plastic, it looks like her friendship with Christy has remained intact. There are tons of pics of the two together on each other's Instagram profiles, the most recent of which was posted at the end of October, which you can check out above, and shows Plastic calling Christy her "bestie."

... But She Doesn't Have Such Great Things To Say About The Rest Of The Cast

That's more than I can say for Christy's fellow Little Women: LA cast members. Plastic did not have such kind words for them after the episode of Little Women: LA she appeared in aired. She called everyone in the cast, with the exception of Christy, "some of the most tacky, immature, hateful bullies" in an Instagram post published on Sept. 23. She previously criticized Tonya and her activewear line on Instagram and also called Briana "a pathetic, pathological waste of space" in her Instagram post about why she wanted to appear on the show. So should we not expect these ladies to hug it out by the end of the reunion, or...

This Won't Be The First Time Matt Has Been Confronted Like This

You might have a strong feeling of deja vu during the Little Women: LA reunion, and that would totally be understandable. That's because a similar situation happened during the Season 3 reunion when one of the women Matt had admitted to sexting joined the cast to tell her side of the story. Makayla spoke about how explicit the messages were and that she wanted to come clean about what had transpired between her and Matt because Briana seemed like a good person who didn't deserve to be treated this way. Though Matt had admitted to sexting with Makayla, he and Briana remained defensive the whole time she sat on the couch.

Still, Matt and Briana seemed to be more open to hearing what Makayla had to say than listening to Plastic, which makes you wonder what bombshell she might drop at this season's Little Women: LA reunion.