This 'Little Women: LA' Couple Has Big News

The future did not look so bright for Briana Renee and her husband Matt Ericson as Season 4 of Little Women: LA wrapped in May. After Matt's fidelity to Briana came into question once again by the time the season finale rolled around, it looked like the two might actually call it quits, even though they were expecting their first child together. The fate of Briana and Matt's relationship was explored in their very own two-part special, which concluded with the couple deciding to start fresh and give their relationship another shot. But after everything they've been through, you have to wonder if Briana and Matt are still together.

Well, you can rest easy (or not, depending on how you feel about the couple), because Briana and Matt are still going strong today. And that's not even all of their happy news.

Briana gave birth to the couple's first child on June 22, PEOPLE first reported. Briana and Matt named their son Maverick Jax, but the Little Women: LA star has also dubbed him "#BabyBriatt" on social media. How could anyone ever break up with names that form a hashtag like that?

However, Briana's pregnancy was no walk in the park, even beyond the drama going on in her marriage. Six months into her pregnancy, Briana was hospitalized and was "being held until doctors can slow down her contractions, minimize her pain and/or she goes into labor," a source told PEOPLE in April. The doctors wanted to prevent Briana from giving birth prematurely, especially because her pregnancy was already high-risk due to the fact that she is a little person, according to the report.

This situation was apparently difficult for Matt to handle, and he was "freaking out." "I've never seen him so distraught and beside himself," the insider told PEOPLE.

Fortunately, Briana was released from the hospital and put on bed rest in early May. She has posted a few photos of her and Matt's new baby boy on Instagram since his birth last month. Briana has yet to post a family portrait of the new, big, happy family, but I'm sure it'll look absolutely adorable when she does.

Even though Briana and Matt's relationship seems to be alive and well these days, it'll once again become a major topic of conversation when Season 5 of Little Women: LA begins on Wednesday, July 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime. As the below teaser trailer reveals, Briana's castmate Christy McGinity Gibel is still really not OK with her decision to stay with Matt, as much as her former bestie tries to be. But at least it looks like after a brief period of turning her back on Matt, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge will give him a second chance in the upcoming season.

Hey, if Briana and Matt found a way to make it work, who says they can't repair their relationships with the entire Little Women: LA cast?

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime