The Cadmus Doctor Is Lena Luthor's Mother On 'Supergirl,' Which Means Kara's New Friend Still Can't Be Trusted

By now, it should come at no surprise that any mysterious female character on Supergirl is related to someone else. The CW series is full of sisters, mothers, and aunts. That's one of my favorite things about it; they commit to diversifying female characters flipping old tropes. However, it is still a little bit shocking to learn that the head of Cadmus is Lena Luthor's mother on Supergirl — because Lex and Lena's mother isn't in DC comics.

In the comics, Leticia Luthor is Lex's mother, but not much is known about her. It's possible that Supergirl is combining this character with someone else. Technically, we don't even know that this is Lex Luthor's mother. She is adopted, after all. Unfortunately, this means that Lena is probably not going to be able to escape her family's dark shadow any time soon. Not when her mother's organization has been secretly holding Alex Danvers' father for years, and they have been systematically sending threats to Central City to attack Supergirl.

Is there even a chance that Lena and her mother are working together? Lex Luthor is famously Superman's arch nemesis, but there is clearly more to his family than meets the eye.

Mysterious and dangerous mother aside, were Lena and Winn totally connecting over tech? The Luthor heiress has been low key flirting with everyone from Clark to Kara and Alex and Jimmy. She may just have chemistry with everyone. Still, I'm not against the idea of a Lena and Winn 'ship. Whatever happens, it definitely means that Lena Luthor is going to be more involved in future episodes of Supergirl. Her relationship to her mother, whoever she really is and whatever Cadmus really wants, just raises the stakes even higher.

Images: Robert Falconer, Diyah Perah/The CW