Project Cadmus is Ruthless On 'Supergirl'

Project Cadmus was teased in Supergirl Season 1, and we finally got a glimpse inside this laboratory in the Season 2 premiere. Not only that, but the DC villain Metallo was created before our very eyes by a woman who, as of right now, represents the entire organization. Who is The Doctor on Supergirl ? She only appeared in the last scene, but she's already a huge mystery. She is played by Brenda Strong, who you may know from Desperate Housewives, Sports Night, and the Dallas reboot.

Who is this woman? Is she from DC comics? The most likely answer is Serling Roquette, the head of genetics at Project Cadmus in the comics. Serling dresses like Luna Lovegood in the comics too, which is fun. She's like an evil Ms. Frizzle. Another big Project Cadmus mad scientist is Dabney Donovon, who loved to conduct human experiments. To avoid confusion with this year's summer popcorn flick Suicide Squad, she's probably not Amanda Waller. She could be Ariel Masters, a scientist interested in cloning, or one of the Doctors named Barnes, a married couple who worked with Miss Martian. Paul Westfield is one of the directors of Cadmus in the comics. His daughter, Amanda Spence, would be a cool option. While Spence was not a scientist, she is a cyborg herself. Another possibility is Emmett Vale — who created Metallo in in the comics.

All we know is that this Doctor ruthless, and pretty willing to threaten a patient with their own death, inject Kryptonite into their veins, and then give them a totally new alas. I know Cisco Ramon over on The Flash wouldn't like that! This raises so many questions about Project Cadmus. If this is what they do to a random assassin like John Corben, what the heck have they done to Jeremiah Danvers? Hank and Alex were on their way to investigate Cadmus before the events of the Season 1 finale, but I suspect that Cadmus might find them before they resume that mission.