Chance The Rapper Leads The Way For Voters

As we close in on this absolutely terrifying, anxiety-inducing election, it should probably go without saying that you should vote. If you still need prodding, though, let Chance the Rapper lead the way; Monday evening, Chance the Rapper led a gigantic crowd to the early voting polls in Downtown Chicago, straight from his concert at Grant Park's Petrillo Music Shell, according to CNN. It's understandable if you're upset that you missed this tremendous voting parade, but don't worry, the receipts are there to prove it, with plenty of videos on Twitter showcasing Chance the Rapper's dedication to voting.

The concert, appropriately named "Parade to the Polls" was billed as a "Live Show of Democracy," and it featured a bill including Twin Peaks, Taylor Bennett, and Malcolm London. But the event, of course, was Chance the Rapper's very literal parade to the polls, which, yes, did have its accompanying hashtag #ParadeToThePolls. The event was so massive that the location had to be changed to accommodate all of these new voters. It shows the real bizarro influence of celebrity when it comes to millennial voting, but in a good way: In a tweet that boasted Chance the Rapper leading "hundreds" to the voting polls, he subtweeted with a triumphant "*thousands." And I don't doubt that from the evidence.

Now, in case you're concerned about the star's political leanings, rest assured, he's with her. Over the course of this election, Chance the Rapper has been a vehement supporter of Hillary Clinton. Friday saw him joining Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Big Sean at a concert in Cleveland to ramp up excitement for the final leg of her campaign and collect voter information. The performance aside, he made his voice and support heard. "It doesn't really matter who I am. I am here to celebrate our next and first woman president," Chance the Rapper said on Friday, according to CNN. "She is running this battle right now, she is killing this race, but she needs all of our help." Amen, sir.

The message was reinforced in a TIDAL video featuring the concert, which had the music monoliths recognizing how important it was for women and minorities to vote in this election, and how it's always important considering that right wasn't always available. Chance the Rapper touched upon how it was especially important to cast a vote for Clinton when it came to protecting the rights of the women in his own life. "My daughter and my girlfriend are the most important thing to me in the world," Chance said. "I need them to see that."

Regardless of where your political leanings lie (good, evil, cautiously ambivalent), it's urged that you follow in Chance the Rapper's footsteps and really vote today. We can't let him, or America, down.

So stop reading this article, grab some friends, and have your own little Parade to the Polls. I'm sure it'll be lit... or you know, at the very least socially responsible.