5 “I Voted” Sticker Discounts For Election Day

There are plenty of reasons to perform your civic duty and go vote, but for those feeling unmotivated to do the deed, all of the "I Voted" sticker Election Day discounts can certainly help. Those of you as obsessed with doughnuts as the concept of democracy may already be aware that you can get free Krispy Kreme doughnuts on Election Day when you bring in your voting sticker, but what of the other Election Day deals just waiting for you to swoop in and take advantage of them?!

Luckily, if you keep your voting sticker on hand and go to the right spots, the world can truly become your oyster on Election Day. Because honestly, whether or not your candidate of choice wins in the end, it'll lift your spirit to sit back and take advantage of Election Day freebies while all of the votes are counted.

After all, it's highly likely the new president will be announced Wednesday morning in the early hours after a long night of suspense. It only makes sense to fully dig into the festivity of Election Day, flash your voting sticker, and get all of the glorious Election Day deals out there waiting for you.

Get A Ride From Uber

For those worried about making it to the polls on time to vote, Uber has offered new users a $20 discount off of rides with the entry of the promotional code: "vote today." If you're already a proud Uber user, you can still use their in-app feature that will help you find your local polling place.

Enjoy A Treat From Great American Cookies

Every customer that wears their voting sticker gets a free cookie from Great American Cookies. Is there a better way to ring in a new commander-in-chief than by eating a gooey chocolate chip cookie? It would be difficult to think of something more comforting than a chocolate chip cookie on a day like Election Day.

Eat A Free Pizza At Chuck E. Cheese

If voting makes you crave some cheesy goodness, you're in luck, because Chuck E. Cheese is offering free pizza to every customer on Election Day who enters the promotional code: 5253. You can also just flash your voting sticker or tell them you voted to get that free personal pepperoni pizza.

Sweat Out Your Election Day Stress At Gold's Gym

Every person who flashes their "I Voted" sticker on Election Day gets a free day to workout at Gold's Gym, which is a true blessing considering how emotionally and physically demanding this election season has been. Now you can fulfill your civic duty before sweating out all your political worries.

Cash In Some Comfort Food At Noodles And Company

If your body and soul are craving warm comfort food while you wait for the Election Day results, all you have to do is vote for your favorite mac 'n' cheese on the Noodles and Company website, and you'll receive a coupon for a buy one get one free noodle bowl! Sometimes the political process tastes good.

If none of these Election Day deals motivate you to get out to the polls today, you can always peep the other 114 reasons you should vote, and surely one of them will tickle your fancy.