Christina Aguilera Sings "Fighter” For Hillary

If Election Day is giving you more than a little anxiety, you're not alone. The rest of the country is with you, watching screens (news reports, friends' social media timelines, etc.) and eating the proverbial popcorn that has a buttery hint of fear. Luckily for us all, Christina Aguilera sang "Fighter" for Hilary Clinton in a video, and it honestly might make you feel a little better. Because, let's be real, when does Aguilera dancing up and down the chords not bring a smile? She's been making us happy since the Mickey Mouse Club and hasn't stopped since. Who else can get fans so pumped about feeling "Beautiful" despite what others say?

Aguilera shared the video on her Twitter account urging fans to go vote, and to make sure that their vote went to Hilary Clinton. The video opens with the text, "'Fighter' is dedicated to Hilary and the fighters out there. #ImWithHer." The singer, clad in a cool black/grey striped jacket, a black pencil skirt, and a white t-shirt with black print that reads "Never underestimate the power of a woman" does her usual bit: empowered warbling.

While Aguilera kills it (because duh, of course she does), her fashionable backup singers dressed in all black are equally inspiring. If you don't want to run a marathon (or, you know, go vote) after listening to their smooth harmonies, you might have been listening wrong.

After Aguilera finished to uproarious applause, she spoke to her fans,

"Thank you so much ladies and gentleman! So much love and so much respect. Please! Anybody that you can reach out to — knock on doors, get 'em to vote. Every little bit counts. At this point, every bit counts. Please, make, make it happen. Everybody that you work with, that you know — email, tweet, it all counts. I'll be doing the same. Love you guys, much! Keep fighting! Keep fighting!"

So, get out there, vote, and make your girl,Christina Aguilera proud. Maybe at the end of this we can all hang out wherever she performed "Fighter" for the tweet, because that wooded hilltop area looks so serene.

Images: xtina/Twitter; Giphy