These Donald Trump Voting Memes Would Make Even Hillary Chuckle

We've been through an emotional rollercoaster this election season as our nation steadily divided into ranks of political affiliation. And sometimes, the best medicine to cure an ailment involves a final boost of the virus itself, which is why I present to you a hilarious collection of Donald Trump voting memes. This hand-picked variety of funny presidential Election Day memes that will either produce laughs of solidarity, or induce the final bit of election-fueled puke your body needs in order to restore itself to wholeness.

Regardless of your political affiliation or general feelings about the election, we can all agree that this election has caused record levels of stress — for some, it got so bad it earned the official title of "Election Stress Disorder." But throughout all of the mess we've come out with some golden jokes, after all, we witnessed the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton dabbing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and saw the Republican candidate Trump take a selfie with a taco bowl as an attempt to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

When it comes to political spectacle we've truly been there and done that during this election cycle. So, to fully celebrate (and possibly mourn) the absurd mess of Election Day, here are some laughable memes of Trump voting:

When Trump Wanted To See If Melania Had His Back

There is a casual bewilderment on Trump's face as he glances over at Melania's ballot box that silently screams: Are you even voting for me honey?! He has the conviction of a child who's trying to copy test answers while also testing the validity of his relationship. Such inner turmoil.

When Eric Trump Boldly Followed In His Father's Footsteps

Unsurprisingly, the passing down of the Trump family genes isn't limited to cartoon villain hair and staunch anti-immigration policies. The youngest Trump son, Eric, has also inherited Trump's trait of taking a legally questionable ballot box selfie of himself as he attempts to copy his wife's answers.

That Moment Trump Mindlessly Voted For Hillary Clinton

Perhaps the greatest and most cinematic political scandal would occur if while Melania secretly voted for Clinton, Trump, in all his eager nosiness, looked across the ballot box barrier and in a fit of shock accidentally voted for Clinton as well. That would provide poetic justice in its fullest form.

When Melania Had Enough Of Trump's Lurking

It's easy to sense Melania's exasperation even through the computer screen. In this photo she has the quiet determination of a woman who could easily cover her answer while sneaking a vote against her husband. Even if she's not, his overbearing stare seems to be taking its toll on her mood.

When Trump Got Booed At The Polling Place

The paranoia conveyed by Trump's face in the photos of him voting was easily fed by the people booing him at the polling place in Mid-town Manhattan. When you're surrounded by booing, whose to say your boo won't also deny you their vote?

While for the act of posting a ballot box selfie feels like yet another fun unifying perk of engaging in the political process for many people, these memes would suggest that Trump's ballot box photo op was less than fun.