Donald Trump Was Booed At His Polling Station

For many years now, Obama has famously told crowds who boo at Republican policies he mentions in speeches, "Don't boo, vote!" But Tuesday morning, when video of Donald Trump getting booed while voting hit Twitter like a wrecking ball, the American people found the one worthy exception to Obama's rule. It turns out, there is a situation where it is totally appropriate to boo and vote at the same time!

The Republican presidential nominee voted in his polling station PS 59, a public school in midtown Manhattan, alongside wife Melania Trump. Upon his car and security detail arriving at the polling station, voters waiting in line erupted into boos; while matters seem to have settled down once he was in the polling station to vote, he exited the polling station to find an even larger crowder of New Yorkers booing and screaming "loser" (which, on a personal note, I am truly sad to have missed as I type this some 30 blocks away). Because the internet is forever, people are already tweeted the videos, in which Trump continues to wave and smile at the American people. And because we are truly #blessed as a nation, they are already turning them into some hilarious memes.

Here's the video of Trump arriving at PS 59:

As well as the video of him exiting:

In entirely related news, I am feeling quite proud to call myself a New Yorker today! And good news, fellow voters — you can now entertain yourself while you're waiting in line to vote by looking at some of the hilarious Trump voting memes that have already hit Twitter.

Trust Issues

Whoopsy Daisies!

None Of Your Business

Meanwhile, when Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton arrived at her polling station at Douglas Grafflin Elementary School in her hometown of Chappaqua, New York Tuesday morning, a crowd of voters and well-wishers cheered her on, ending in a heartfelt set of renewed cheers when she finished casting her ballot.

"It is the most humbling feeling, because, you know, I know how much responsibility goes with it — and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country, and I'll do the very best I can if I am fortunate enough to win today," Clinton told media on her way into the polling station.

According to reports, Clinton did not check over her husband's shoulder while he was casting his ballot; when asked how he felt about being a "political spouse," Bill Clinton gamely answered, "I’ve felt that way for several years now, I’m good. I’ve had 15 years of practice!”