Regina George Is Trending On Election Day

All the expected 2016 Election Day topics are trending on Twitter on Tuesday, like #ElectionDay, #voted, "GO VOTE TODAY" (wow, that one is really energetic) and "Susan B Anthony." It's super inspiring to see people posting their voting selfies, and I, for one, have shed a tear over the "I voted" stickers that have been placed on suffragette Susan B. Anthony's gravestone. But among all the classic election fare, there's a trending topic that might surprise you: Regina George. Yes, today of all days, the infamous mean girl has been trending all morning. But just why is Regina George trending on Election Day?

No, there's no third party candidate named Regina George, although at this point I wouldn't be surprised. It's just the internet's favorite meme-generator, 2004 cult classic Mean Girls, back at it again with some election-related jokes to lighten the mood on this crazy day. Following the video where "mean girls" read Donald Trump's meanest tweets and the viral photos of Burn Book Trump signs spotted around Seattle, the Mean Girls fans of the internet are taking Twitter by storm to declare their allegiance on election day, referencing the hilarious comments from the film's student body about who they'll be voting for as Spring Fling Queen.

Many people, likely those who have been personally victimized by Regina, are throwing their lot in with rebel Cady Heron.

While others are choosing the sympathy vote for Regina George.

Some fans are citing George's long political history of getting things done.

While others seem to be motivated by George's revolutionary fashion choices (no pantsuits, though, alas).

And then there are some people who are simply, and admirably, using the movie to encourage people to make their voices heard.

After everything that's happened during this election cycle, there is honestly nothing that could surprise many of us anymore, not even Mean Girl memes breaking the internet on election day. The tweet below might sum it up best:

I think after all of this election madness is finally over, I won't be the only one feeling like we deserve to bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles that we can all eat and be happy.

Regardless, it's time right now to get out there and vote, and remember that it might not be the best idea to write-in Regina or Cady. I mean, are either of their parents even the inventor of the Toaster Strudel? That's what I thought.

Images: Paramount Pictures, Giphy