How To Get An "I Voted" Facebook Profile Picture

This Nov. 8 marks perhaps the most polarizing election any of us will ever live to see, but at its core it stresses the most important part of our democratic system: getting out and voting. If you're wondering how to change your Facebook profile picture to say you voted so that you can remind your friends and neighbors to do the same, the good news is that it's incredibly easy to do just that. In fact, there is a website called "Twibbon" that allows users to change their Twitter and Facebook profile pictures to say any number of things, depending on which campaign you choose.

The current campaigns on Twibbon allow for several different types of "I Voted" stickers for profiles, as well as campaigns supporting the different candidates and supporting different movements within the election. It will essentially photoshop your current Facebook profile picture for you, so make sure your Facebook photo is set to one that you want to use for the switch, or make sure you have one that you're ready to use saved onto your computer. Once you're all set, your only real problem is trying to figure out which "I Voted" filter to use — in prep for Election Day, Twibbon has more than a few options. Here's how to get them:

Go To Twibbon's "Discover" Page

Twibbon's "discover" page shows users what the most popular currently running campaigns are on the site. Most of them today are for voting, or in support of a candidate. You'll be able to see your options when you navigate to that page, including the most popular "I Voted" one. (If you're not seeing it right away, refine your search by typing "Voted" into the search bubble.)

Select Facebook Or Twitter

The campaign will then allow you to preview your profile picture, and crop it or shift it if need be. Once you're finished, you can either select to add it to Twitter, which Twibbon will do for you automatically, or you can select to add it to Facebook. If you choose Facebook, stick around — you have one more step to go!

Go Into Your Facebook Pictures

Facebook users will find their images automatically uploaded into a separate "Twibbon" album on their personal Facebook pages. From there users can click in and set them as their profile pictures. Et voila! The world knows you did your civic duty today.

You're not limited to just those options, of course, because Twibbon has plenty of other "I Voted" campaigns currently running. Fair warning, though: Twibbon will also automatically post a link to your Twitter or Facebook letting other users know how to change their own profile pictures to match yours. If you'd rather not have the link up, you're free to delete it, and you won't hear from them again.

Happy Election Day, y'all!

Images: Emma Lord/Bustle