Chris Christie Voting Memes Are The Glorious Boost You Need

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided to get his voting out of the way early on election day. And in the hopes of keeping a low profile, he neglected to notify the press when he would be arriving at his local polling station. Nevertheless, journalist Claude Brodesser-Akner and photographer Robert Sciarrino were there to document the momentous occasion for an article titled "In darkness and without fanfare, Gov. Christie votes for Trump." Akner noted that this was the first time in years that the New Jersey governor did not alert or take questions from the press before voting.

Christie's attempt at secrecy seems to have backfired; the story is making the rounds on Twitter and the accompanying photo is already being turned into memes mocking him and his support of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Christie, whose two former aides were recently found guilty of helping to orchestrate Bridgegate, has reached an all-time low approval rating of just 19 percent amongst New Jersey voters, according to a recently released Rutgers-Eagleton poll. For many Twitter users, public opinion of him seems lends itself well to the photo of the tired-looking governor who also serves as the head of Trump's transition planning team.

Many Twitter users simply embraced the article and photograph as a moment of levity to break up the anxiety of election day. Others used familiar meme formats to poke fun at the photo and ridicule the situation as a whole.

Still others just couldn't help but bring Christie's favorite musician Bruce Springsteen in on the joke.

Seeing as Christie is attempting to lay low today, there is no word on if he has seen the article and photo and what he thinks of either. In any case, let's just hope there are even more election day memes in the works to give us all a little bit of comedic relief before the results start rolling in.