This Trump Voting Meme Shows How Controlling He Is

Election day is far from over, but the internet may have already decided on its favorite meme of the day. A photo of Donald Trump peeking at Melania's ballot as they both stood at their voting booths inside a New York polling station has taken Twitter by storm. After that photo had already begun to circulate, another photo of Trump's son Eric similarly peeking at his wife Lara Yunaska's ballot also appeared on social media.

Twitter users have been using the photos to illustrate how similar Eric is to his father, poke fun at Trump's insecurity, and mock the presidential nominee's previous calls for supporters to "watch the polls" before and on election day. Other users, however, are pointing out that these two photos illustrate examples of misogynistic and even abusive behavior toward women.

No matter the interpretation, these photos and the memes they are inspiring are a fitting end to a campaign that has been built on subjugating women and undermining their abilities to make important decisions. Throughout the election season, Trump repeatedly called Hillary Clinton's judgement and fitness to lead into question. On one occasion in the first presidential debate, he remarked that Clinton doesn't have the "stamina" to be Commander in Chief (to say nothing of all the he spent in each debate talking over and mansplaining to Clinton).

In March, Trump showed his utter lack of respect for a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, saying those who do undergo the procedure should face "some sort of punishment." In July, Trump famously drew bipartisan criticism when he disparaged the mother of a U.S. soldier who died in combat in Iraq, saying she wasn't permitted to speak by her husband. The list of Trump's misogynystic actions and remarks goes on and on and on, and news of them continues to take a toll on American women. Still, many Twitter users have found humor in the photos of Trump peeking at his wife's ballot.

Other users used the meme to highlight behaviors of abusive partners (of which there is no evidence either Trump is one).

Whether the photo makes you laugh or gives you reason for pause, it and the memes it inspired may very well go down in history as an illustration of how this entire presidential campaign has played out over the past several months: A woman trying to do fulfill her civic duty while a boorish man attempts to subjugate her.