What Canadians Think Of Our U.S. Election Day, In 5 Enlightening Tweets

It's only natural for U.S. citizens to engulf ourselves in the spectacle of Election Day, after all, our own rights and livelihoods are at stake. But what about our neighbors invested from across borders, what does Canada think of Election Day? If you spend more than a few minutes reading Election Day posts on Twitter, you'll find yourself quickly imagining the barrels of flavored popcorn Canadians are luxuriously eating while watching the potential national demise just south of them.Really though, sitting pretty across the border while this mess unfolds sounds like the perfect storm of freedom and proximity, and if nothing else, we're getting some great Election Day tweets from Canada out of it.

It's only fair for Canada to get a free show out of our election considering how many people threaten to move to Canada if our candidate of choice isn't elected president. If there's any real potential for Canadians to bear the burden of our election fall-out (which in reality is small), they deserve to bust open the champagne, pop a fresh batch of popcorn, and have a laugh at the climax of our nightmare election cycle.

So without further adieu, here are a few tweets that best sum up what Canada thinks of U.S. Election Day:

When You're Just Relieved To Be Canadian

This is perhaps the most straight-forward sentiment of Canadians on U.S. Election Day is one of widespread relief. If you're a Canadian in the U.S., you always have the option to escape any democratic madness that ensues after the results are revealed, and if you're safe beyond the border you can breathe no matter what.

When You've Got The Popcorn Ready For The Show

This iconic GIF of Michael Jackson eating popcorn truly shows the glee, fascination, and smirk that many a Canadian probably feels on U.S. Election Day. That open-mouthed laugh at the end of the meme that shows all the popcorn in his mouth feels metaphorical on a few levels.

When You'd Rather Inspect Your Nails Than Watch The Election

Sure, Canadians can revel in the U.S. election, but Canadians also aren't required to give this political cycle the time of day. This tweet does a good job of summing up the bored eye-rolls across the border.

When You Use A Sunset To Humblebrag

The brilliance of this tweet is that it could be interpreted as a genuine bid of good luck towards Americans (and subtle invitation), or a sly way of showing how peaceful Canada remains during our election season. Either way, climbing into that picture sounds like a dream.

When You Offer Americans An Escape Plan

This is simultaneously one of the most blatant and kind-hearted gestures Canada could extend towards Americans dreading the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency. They even went so far as to spell it "U.S.-Eh," which is horrible and beautiful for the same reasons.

Hopefully these Canadian sentiments help you feel a wave of neighborly support and solidarity, even when it's in the understandable form of eye-rolling