Behold These Glorious Donald Trump Cake Memes

We have seen many faces of Donald Trump over the past year as he campaigned for president, but thus far, none of them have been made of cake. But someone sent Trump Tower a "victory" cake of Donald Trump's bust, Donald Trump cake memes have been unrelenting. Probably because it doesn't exactly look like Cake Trump is expecting a favorable outcome tonight. In fact, he more looks like he might be Patient Zero in the coming zombie apocalypse.

Except instead of Cake Trump eating your brain, I suppose you would eat his.

Details are still sparse on who exactly was responsible for this cake, since it appears it wasn't the campaign itself — and they don't seem to be too happy with the candidate's likeness. But ever since ABC News editor Jason Volack shared a photo of the cake on Twitter, everyone has been having a lot of fun with it.

Because if this election has been good for anything (a debatable point if ver there was one) it's been Internet memes. (Some have even been elevated to semi-official status, strangely enough.) And why would we expect that to end just because the voting has started.

Personally, I think the cake looks a little bit like a traumatized Hobbit, but everyone has their own opinion. Here are some of the things the Internet think the Donald Trump cake evoked.

A Zombie

Emperor Palpatine

Christopher Walken


An Alien

Angela Lansberry

Crying Jordan

Trump Himself

The Thing

Dorian Gray


This Dog

Trump Himself