This Election Map Looks As Worried As You — PHOTO

One eye twitching open and shut. The other wide open. Mouth agape, and perhaps a trickle of snot from a nostril or two. This might be an accurate description of your face — or at least how you feel your face looks — on Election Night. It's also, thank the stars, the "face" featured on one of MSNBC's "Race to 270" election maps, providing us with a dose of comic relief we need to stop biting our nails off for a second and just have a laugh.

Fittingly for many, the map's worried face took shape as Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd talked viewers through what was going on in the massive battleground state of Florida, the other toss-up state of Georgia, Donald Trump-leaning Indiana, and Hillary Clinton-leaning Virginia. Virginia has 13 electoral votes, and Indiana, 11.

Now, it's the runny nose and gaping mouth — Georgia with its 16 electoral votes and Florida with its 29, respectively — that voters might be fretting over, given their tight-race statuses. Though Georgia was being labelled a toss-up by MSNBC on the map, it favored Trump in polls leading up to Election Day and through Election Night. That's nowhere near as close as our gaping mouth state. Florida's big haul of electoral votes was a huge grab on Tuesday night. Heading into the election, Trump and Clinton were in a dead heat in the state, which had many voters on the edge of their seats.

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

That worried theme on Election Day was not only a conclusion arrived at through speculation or personal anecdotes to which most of us probably have easy access. A Morning Consult/Politico exit poll of voters on the morning of Election Day found that 72 percent of participants rated themselves as "anxious," while 71 percent identified as "nervous." Other leading states of mind reported were "angry," "sad," "overwhelmed," and "depressed."

But the highest-reported sentiment was simply "just want it to be over" at 85 percent. The fewest number of participants identified themselves as "proud" or "happy" — 29 and 25 percent, respectively.

Emotions have run high during the 2016 election. Everyone is exhausted, and it might show on our faces. Fortunately for us, it showed up on an election map as well, giving a comical, if dark, depiction of the nation's mood slapped onto the country itself. Many of us will be staying up late Tuesday night to watch the results unfold live. Whether we'll sleep any better after the race is over is the big question.

Image: MSNBC (1)