Watch This Video Of Fox News Anchors Talking About Chapstick On Election Day

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that election cycles in America last for way too long. For 18 months, there is something ridiculous to report on every single day, some gaffe or remark or mark in the armor of a candidate. But when it comes down to actual Election Day — the moment in which America finally chooses the candidate that they deem right for the presidency — things can get pretty boring. It’s a lot of hurry up and wait, and that must be why some Fox News anchors talked about Chapstick on Election Day for a whole minute.

There’s no blame here, because there’s nothing to report on while everyone is still out at the polls. As anchors Chris Wallace and Shep Smith were speculating on well, not much at all, the conversation made a turn with Smith dropped his lip balm (I’m not sure if it was Chapstick brand specifically, but I'll refer to it that way) on the ground during the live broadcast and went to retrieve it. Wallace was distracted from reporting on Governor Mike Pence coming out of his plane, and commented, and so began the information that Smith was a Chapstick addict who recently battled an ear infection and needs to moisturize his lips at a near-constant pace.

This is what passes for news in the middle of Election Day, mostly because there’s… nothing to report on. I can’t blame Wallace and Smith, because this is what happens in a 24-hour news cycle. Sometimes, there’s just no news, and you’re forced to fill dead air that could be interesting for your viewers. Sometimes, your conversations turn to the subject of moisturizing lips! Sometimes, they talk about your vice presidential candidate! But it shows that Smith is just like the rest of us — compulsively applying Chapstick while hiding his anxiety about the election results.

Image: Fox News