Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton's Election Night Headquarters Are Less Than Two Miles From Each Other

Close is not a word typically associated with presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, on election night, that has changed because fun fact: Trump and Clinton are a mile from each other. According to Fortune, the Trump and Clinton election night headquarters are mere blocks apart in midtown Manhattan. While the candidates' policies and their relationship can't exactly be called close, they're definitely getting snuggly in New York City tonight.

Both candidates headquarters being located in the city shouldn't come as too much of a shock for supporters or voters who know the candidates' histories. Donald Trump is a current resident of New York City and was born on the island. Considering that New York has been Trump's home for his entire life, it makes sense that he would spend the final night of the 2016 election cycle in Manhattan.

As for Clinton, she may not be a New York native, but she she began her political career as New York's senator following her time as First Lady. Plus, while she may not live in New York City proper, she does reside in the small hamlet of Chappaqua in New York state. The small town is roughly less than an hour from Manhattan.


The choice of election party location doesn't seem to be any attempt to antagonize, either. Instead, the more specific locations of each candidate seem to point toward why they're only less a mile apart from one another. While Hillary Clinton hasn't confirmed the reason for her choice at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, but many are making parallels being Clinton's potential win and the glass ceiling that makes up the convention center's atrium. The former Secretary of State's campaign has prided itself on breaking the glass ceiling by electing the first female president. The atrium is clearly symbolic.


As for Donald Trump, his headquarters for election night is at the New York Hilton Midtown. While many would be shocked to know that his night is not being spent at a Trump-owned facility, the hotel is only a short distance from Trump Tower. Plus, according to the Washington Post , the New York Trump facilities just aren't capable of holding the number of people anticipated to be with Donald Trump — whether celebrating or conceding — during election night.


While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have had one of the most contentious races in contemporary American history, they're at least physically closer than ever during election night. No matter who wins, there's going to be a party in New York city somewhere.