13 Funny Tweets About CNN's Key Race Alerts

Most Americans want to say on top of the 2016 Presidential Election and in this digital day and age, we all want and have come to expect constant access to information. A good way to remain informed about the election is through CNN's Key Race Alerts. But how much is too much? Or more accurately, how soon is too soon? The news network continues to fire off its "Key Race Alerts," accompanied by dramatic music, even though the election is way too early to call. It's certainly enough to make you bite your nails and stress out even more. The Twitterverse is paying close attention to the abundance of Key Race Alerts and reacting to the network's, um, overzealous reporting with humor and levity. Yes, it's fine to keep viewers and fellow Americans informed, but these alerts start to lose their impact when they pop up too often.

Below are 13 humorous tweets that poke fun at CNN's Key Race Alerts being a little too voluminous at this point in the night. These tweets also capture all of the Election Night feels among our fellow Americans.

Something tells me that regardless of the night's outcome, Saturday Night Live writers are already crafting a skit about the Key Race Alerts for this weekend's episode.

Self-referential, but it effectively sums up our feelings, right? Right.

Some watchers feel like they are being pummeled with non-updates.

He's probably Snapchatting about the election.

That reaction is a bit extreme but it's also wholly understandable.

They really do.

This is very true.

They are covering all the bases.

Some viewers are having psychosomatic reactions.

Too many KRAs makes them lose impact.

So, so true.

It's not all anti.

Mixed messages.

And that's all she wrote.

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle