Why Stars Are Tweeting #StayInLine On Election Day

As if this Election Day wasn't already history-making for obvious reasons, some unforeseeable wrenches were thrown into the voting process on Tuesday, truly making it one for the books. Physical problems have risen at the polls, specifically in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other battleground states that will determine whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton takes the presidency. Understandably, these issues have left voters angry, frustrated, and in a tizzy. There have been hundreds of voter complaints over difficulties like lines lasting an hour or so, random equipment failures, and lack of clarity on where they can vote. It's coming down to the last minute, and celebrities are tweeting #StayInLine, urging voters to stick it out despite the issues.

Apparently, the problems that have complicated the polls have been happening for some time (regardless of Trump's "rigged" claims), but perhaps not to this degree. The president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights described the events as a "tremendous disruption." You know, because America needed one more reason to be totally stressed out on Tuesday. Luckily, the celebs are continuing to be vocal, and hopefully fans will listen and wait it out.

1. Kerry Washington

The Scandal star is also a proud Clinton supporter and has been tweeting #ImWithHer posts for a while.

2. Julie Louis-Dreyfus

In this adorable video, the VEEP star states, "This nasty woman just voted today... and I voted for Hillary Clinton." Takes a spot-on, pretend VP to know what's up for the P.

3. Elizabeth Banks

The Saved by the Bell alum has been super involved during Election Day, taking her son to the polls and tweeting, "I voted for a woman for president in the world's greatest democracy and have been pretty much crying ever since."

4. Gina Rodriguez

The Jane the Virgin star and Clinton supporter has sent enthusiastic tweets, including the hashtag #LatinoVote. She also gave the world this epic snap on Election Day.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

If this JGL selfie at the polls doesn't entice fans to vote, I don't know what will.

6. Wilmer Valderrama

The vocal actor has also posted a heartfelt message about his heritage and respect in the Latino community.

7. George Takei

Not only does Takei urge fans to vote, but he's thrown some hardcore fighting words out there about Trump. Low-key savage.

8. Diane Guerrero

Not only is the Orange Is the New Black star a hardcore Clinton supporter, but she and Gina Rodriguez have public Twitter exchanges that are friendship goals AF.

9. Joe Biden

And for all those holding on to Obama and his legacy, his VP has some words.

BRB, stressed and finding some alcohol. #StayInLine, indeed.