16 Voting Tweets That Prove How Important Nov. 8 Really Is

By now you've definitely heard what must be a million times about how important it is to vote. But really, it can't be stressed enough how vital it is that you went to the polls and cast your ballot today — which is why people on Twitter are supporting this basic right by expressing exactly why Election Day is such a big deal. Whether you've already voted or you're still finalizing your plan on how to get to the polls in the final hour, these tweets prove just how important November 8 really is.

If you've been following this election season through your Twitter feed, then you're not alone. It's 2016, which means basically everyone has perfected communicating in 140 characters or less, and discussing Election Day is no exception. And even though tweets may not be long-form think pieces, they can still very easily get a point across. And on Nov. 8, there's no bigger message than "Go Vote."

While you should hopefully already know about which candidate you're voting for this election, these little reminders from Twitter will help reassure you that your vote really does make a difference. Here are the 16 tweets that show just how much voting in this election matters:

1. This Election Is Game-Changing

2. This Could Be Reality If We All Vote

3. This Election Is Actually Real Y'all

4. What's Even More Shocking Is Not Voting

5. Do It For Captain America

6. Do You Want To Disappoint Leslie? I'd Say (K)nope

7. Nov. 8 Is Historic

8. Other Countries Are Counting On Us

9. Your Vote Matters To All The "Nasty Women" Out There

10. Don't Let Effie Down

11. Seriously, This Is A Huge Day For Women

12. I'm Not Gonna Argue With That

13. Your Vote Determines The Future

14. You Won't Regret It

15. Young Girls Are Watching This Election

16. Obama Knows Best

Images: Hannah Burton/Bustle