Meghan McCain's #NeverTrump Response Proves She Has No Time For Haters’ Threats

When it comes to politics, few people are quite as dynamic as writer and America Now Radio host Meghan McCain. The daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, Meghan declared #NeverTrump on Twitter months ago during the primaries and she has maintained her stance ever since. On election night, McCain received threats from those opposing her #NeverTrump views on Twitter, but the star made it clear that she has no time for angry Trump supporters.

"People threatening #NeverTrumpers — what are you gonna do, come to my apartment with pitch forks and torches? Party's got bigger problems..." McCain wrote on Twitter. The politically savvy author is used to dealing with hate from the Republican Party. In an era when more and more Republicans and Democrats show no room for compromise, McCain is an outlier who identifies as liberal on social issues, but still aligns herself with the Republican Party. She simply feels duty bound to hold her party accountable for its actions instead of toeing the party line no matter who the GOP nominates.

Seeing McCain refuse to back down on her belief that Trump is unfit to run the country makes her one of the more consistent politicos around. While many in the Republican Party have gone back and forth on their support of Trump, McCain has maintained her #NeverTrump beliefs since the very beginning of the 2016 election. She has also spoken out via Fox News and in op-eds on why she believes Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to the Republican Party. In July 2016, McCain went so far as to say, "The party I was part of is dead."

Politics could use more people as courageous as McCain. A further look at her Twitter feed reveals she is still a staunch supporter of her father, and is unafraid to speak out against injustice, particularly when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Even as polls are closing across the nation, McCain is refusing to be bullied by those who object to her speaking out against Trump.

For someone like McCain to declare #NeverTrump is far more important than blindly following the GOP no matter who their nominee is. The writer will not compromise on her beliefs or be forced into silence. She is not going to let angry Twitter users make her back down on an issue she feels so passionately about and she deserves major respect for her commitment to getting the #NeverTrump word out. Is it too soon to vote Meghan McCain 2020?