17 Ways Lady Gaga Has Left Her Mark on Fashion

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Lady Gaga turns 28 today, and we're more than a little excited to celebrate the woman who brought weird back into fashion. As she's demonstrated time and again, Gaga isn't afraid to step outside the lines of fashion — and scientific — convention, from her towering hats to the ever-present shades and platform heels. This is one star who actually embodies her mantra of embracing individuality and, yes, eccentricity. So on this very special day, we'll throw on our most movement-inhibiting platform heels, sew some stuffed animals onto our outfits, wear a disco ball dress, and generally revel in the sartorial inspiration Gaga has given us. But before you begin the revelry, here are 17 ways Lady Gaga has changed the face of fashion with her offbeat ensembles.

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