A Mariachi Band Is Playing Outside Trump Tower

The scene outside Trump Tower on Election Night is a sight to behold: supporters and critics are rallying outside the Manhattan building where Trump and his family will watch the election results. According to a tweet from The Guardian's Adam Gabbatt, there's also a mariachi band playing outside Trump Tower.

It's not clear yet who the mariachis are, but earlier today, Horacio Coutino, a Mexican immigrant, tweeted that he would be with Mariachi Sol Mixteco at Trump Tower as part of an #AdiosElection2016 event. It's not known if these are in fact the same musicians shown in the videos below. Update: He later confirmed on Twitter that he and Mariachi Sol Mixteco were the mariachis filmed.

In a post for Medium, Coutino wrote that they are not associated with either campaign, but thought a Mexican tradition like mariachi could "offer an opportunity to come together and celebrate the end of the campaign."

Donald Trump has said some egregiously offensive things about Latinos. On the first day of his campaign, he called Mexican immigrants "rapists," "criminals," and "drug dealers." He said that he will build a wall and force Mexico to pay for it, even after Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto said his country would never do so. He called a judge "hostile" and implied that the hostility was a result of their Hispanic heritage. On Cinco de Mayo, he pandered to Latinos by posing with a taco bowl for a photo.

A taco bowl. Seriously.

So, it's beautifully poetic that early voting data and exit polls confirm what political pundits have speculated for weeks: Latinos are showing up to vote in record numbers, and it doesn't appear they're supporting Trump.

Multiple people on Twitter posted videos of the mariachis:

Point me in the direction of the taco trucks, please.