Nevada Is A Crucial State For The 2016 Election

It’s obviously great to win the most states when running for the Presidency of the United States, but what’s really important is winning the states with the most electoral votes. So, with only six electoral votes to offer, why is Nevada so important in this year’s election?

According to Politico, the state is much more representative of the nation as a whole than other states. The most populated cities in Nevada, such as Las Vegas, have diversity that is reflective of the United States. “The state has fast-growing Latino (27.8 percent), Asian-American (8.3 percent) and African-American (9.1 percent) populations,” the publication reports.

Nevada is also known as a swing state, so how they vote in the early election process is a good representation of how the election will turn out. According to the publication, they’ve voted for the candidate that won in 31 out of 38 elections. That’s quite an impressive record, if you ask me.

The LA Times is predicting that the state will vote democratic this year, although the polls had not closed in Nevada at the time of publication. So, votes had not begun being tallied just yet. The theme of the evening seems to be “hurry up and wait,” and the same is true when it comes to waiting to see how the electoral votes will fall for this state, too.

The countdown to closed polls and vote-tallying is on!