14 Celebs Who Are Freaking The F Out Right Now

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 7: Supporters cheer as they wait for the start of a primary night rally for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, June 7, 2016 in New York City. Clinton has secured enough delegates and commitments from superdelegates to become the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee. She will become the first woman in U.S. history to secure the presidential nomination of one of the country's two major political parties. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
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You might have started Election Day nervous about your candidate’s chances, or maybe you felt really good. But the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is getting tighter and tighter, and your anxiety may be ratcheting up as the night goes on. Well, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Hollywood's stars are just like us, and celebrities are panicking about the 2016 election on Twitter too.

The Electoral College is a weird system, because it means that sometimes, we have to wait all night for results of an election, while other times, it’s very apparent who will be the next president and we can all go to bed at 10 p.m. (mostly) happy. In the 2016 election, there are quite a few battleground states in which the votes are too close to call (Florida, couldn’t you make it easy for us just once, for the love of Pete?), and while you’re at home stress eating or, like me, opening another bottle of wine, the celebrities you love are doing the same. No matter which candidate you support, this whole election cycle has been a mess, and as these celebrity tweets show, waiting for the results of such a big election is not easy.

Some were treating their feelings with food (and drink)...

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/octaviaspencer/status/796161568392085504]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/octaviaspencer/status/796175136109957120]

...while others were using plenty of anxiety words.

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/snooki/status/796185541029011456]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/DanRather/status/796133993670381568]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/amateuradam/status/796159585254076418]

Some were in disbelief...

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/kellyoxford/status/796182811929522176]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/SarahKSilverman/status/796181002498387968]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/rejectedjokes/status/796177048351875072]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/teganandsara/status/796182446316384258]

...and others just blamed Florida.

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/zachbraff/status/796169467940089857]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/chescaleigh/status/796154794243133441]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/michaelianblack/status/796177342594830336]

Still, there were some that braced for hope...

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/RonanFarrow/status/796182299830325248]
[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/Lin_Manuel/status/796181323954159616]

What does it all mean? It means that we (and all of our favorite celebrities) are in for a long, long night until all of this vote counting is said and done. Nothing is set in stone, so there's no need to panic — yet.

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