Ivanka Trump's Instagram Shows Trump's Anxiety

Women have played a bigger role in Donald Trump's campaign, and the presidential election as a whole, than Trump likely expected. In many ways, women's participation in the election has probably come as an unwelcome development — after his vile boasts about sexual assault, his views on women became exceptionally clear and pushed many voters over the edge towards Hillary Clinton's camp. And of course, Clinton's very existence as a woman has certainly thwarted Trump's campaign. Though the ladies of Trump's family have provided some positive campaign publicity — and a few alternative Trump faces for television viewers to gaze at when they tire of the candidate's own visage — his wife and daughters have also made for some news coverage that is questionable and even undesirable. On Tuesday night, as votes were counted, Ivanka Trump's Instagram showed an anxious Trump camp watching the returns.

With the caption "Watching the votes come in at HQ #election2016 #MAGA" Ivanka Trump posted a photo showing Trump, along with several members of his family and campaign staff, watching the votes roll in quite intently. With daughter Ivanka directly at his side, along with daughter Tiffany and sons Barron and Donald Jr., Trump gazed open-mouthed at what Ivanka's followers have to assume is a TV showing live results (though it's possible they are all staring at a blank wall).

Trump's running mate Mike Pence — who has at times seemed like more of a test than an asset to Trump's campaign as he and the candidate tend to publicly disagree — appears sufficiently concerned in the photo, as he looks off-camera while the rest of the room stares straight ahead at what is probably a TV but could be an open window with a squirrel outside.

Ivanka Trump's Instagram account has provided significant media fodder throughout her father's campaign. During many of Donald Trump's most controversial public moments, Ivanka has been posting diligently, perhaps in an attempt to divert attention, perhaps in an appeal to millennial voters and Instagram users looking to connect with the candidate. For example, on December 7, 2015, when Donald Trump called for a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S., Ivanka posted a series of not two, not three, but five black-and-white photos to promote her jewelry campaign.

Ivanka has also used her social media proficiency to promote her father's campaign during good times, keeping her followers updated at all times on the race to the White House.

And she's vocal on issues that don't affect the campaign directly, either, such as important matters of lyric comprehension.

But Ivanka Trump's Instagram presence isn't simply a tool for her father's campaign, nor is it a step-by-step guide to memorizing Sia's oft-garbled lyrics. As her Tuesday night post demonstrated, Democrats were not the only ones who were stressed while watching the tight election results. As Ivanka has shown us, it seems there was some palpable tension at the Trump Tower watch part too.