Why Does Virginia Have So Many Electoral Votes? It's All About The Population

The number of electoral votes differs from state to state, and Virginia rings in with 13 votes. Why does Virginia have so many electoral votes? It’s all about the number of senators and representatives in the House of Representatives for the state.

Each state is allotted two senators, and the number of representatives is based on population. According to govtrack, Virginia has 11 representatives in the House. So, together that adds up to the 13 electoral votes. Representatives are based on a state’s population, according to ThisNation.

At the time of publication, the voting results were not in for the state. Ninety-four percent of reporting was complete, but Clinton was up by 47.7 percent to 47.2 percent. This has turned out to be quite the race. This year’s vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, also happens to be one of the senators for the state of Virginia, so the LA Times was predicting that this would give the Democratic Party a boost up in the election. But, this isn’t over until it’s over. And unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go before all of the votes are counted. As for now, it’s anybody’s game, so grab some snacks and settle in. There’s a long ride ahead.

The results of Virginia voting will soon be in, and one more piece of the puzzle will be in place.