Twitter Roundup Of People Mad At Third Party Voters Because This Election Is Too Close To Call

Election night has not been easy on Clinton or Trump supporters. The evening is still entirely too close to call, and that's worrying Democrats and Republicans alike. The entire election cycle has been incredibly divisive, and there are some folks who think both candidates — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — aren't worthy of their votes. And some of these unsatisfied Americans have been doing something drastic: voting for a third party candidate.

Because the election has been an incredibly close race, some people consider a vote for a third party candidate is equal to throwing away their vote entirely. Clearly, a third party has a very small chance of winning, so it is considered unreasonable to some to vote for a candidate that isn't Clinton or Trump. Nevertheless, some Bernie bros and conservatives who don't support Trump have given their votes to the other candidates on the ballot, like Jill Stein of the Green Party or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.

Twitter is up in arms about every aspect of the election night, but some tweeters are especially heated about those who voted for a third party. Here is what some of these upset Americans have to say: