"WHAT IS HAPPENING” Is Trending On Twitter, Because Really, It's The Only Question To Ask Right Now

In case you needed more confirmation that the entire nation is just as baffled as you are about tonight's insanely close election, "WHAT IS HAPPENING" is trending on Twitter right now. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer, but tweeting all-caps into the void sure does make you feel better about things.

In case you managed to miss it, the U.S. presidential election took place on Nov. 8. Going into the polls, the race was look fairly close, but if you're anything like me, you took refuge in pure, utter denial. Surely the American people wouldn't elect a man with little political experience, who promises to appoint Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade and called his opponent a "nasty woman" on national television. Especially when compared to a woman with a decades-long Senatorial career and excellent taste in pantsuits.

But as polls closed across the country and the votes began stacking up, Trump and Clinton were neck-to-neck. Then Trump began pulling ahead. Then the Republican candidate won Ohio and Florida, and Twitter (understandably) went a little nuts.

So if you're wondering what on this sweet earth is happening right now, trust me. You're definitely not alone.

Just About Sums Things Up

Donuts Are An Excellent Coping Mechanism

Aren't We All?

Seriously Though

How Is This A Thing?

Like... How?

Any Ideas?


Not Saying It's The Apocalypse, But...

BRB, Losing All Faith In Humanity

The National Humiliation Is Strong Tonight

In Case You Need The Reminder

Please Send Help

There Are Only So Many Ways It Can Be Said

You may now proceed to your regularly scheduled nervous breakdown.