Lena Dunham’s “I Believe” Video From Hillary Clinton HQ Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

If you feel yourself losing hope, look no further than Lena Dunham and her inspirational Instagram post featuring friends, including Lady Gaga. In the video, Dunham declares she still believes in Hillary Clinton and her words are powerful. At this moment, as Donald Trump continues to gain ground, it is all too easy to despair for the United States and question what the country now stands for, but Dunham and her pals' message is exactly what the world needs to hold onto.

The election is not over yet, but even if Clinton loses, everyone still has a voice. In the coming days, the world will need powerful voices like Dunham's more than ever before. Hope is a powerful emotion — perhaps the most powerful one of all. Dunham, Lady Gaga, and all of the other people who have stood by Clinton can continue to fight for what is right, no matter the election results. In fact, it is an obligation to continue the fight. It's one that women in particular are sure to take seriously, given the shocking turnout for Trump, despite the nominee's horrifying thoughts on women.

Dunham's post is a bright light in a night that is getting increasingly darker. Her hope is a reminder to never give up or stop believing that goodness and progress will prevail in the face of prejudice. This thing isn't over yet, and Dunham's positivity should inspire you to hold on to your own faith in democracy.

Win or lose, the United States will forever be changed by this election. If Trump wins, it only means people who believe in change have to speak louder and work harder in the coming months. Dunham and Gaga will no doubt continue to lead the charge as they have done for years. Stay positive, channel Dunham, and know you can get through this no matter the results.