What To Do Now Donald Trump Is President-Elect

by Erin Mayer

Well, the results of the 2016 election are in and Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America. This election was a volatile one, and I certainly wouldn't blame you for feeling a bit hopeless right now if you voted for Hillary Clinton. You're certainly entitled to any fear and anxiety you're feeling right now. But if you're looking toward the future and wondering what to do now that Donald Trump is president, there are some ways that you can take action.

First of all, take some deep breaths. Self-care is important, so if you need to step away from the 24 hour news cycle for a bit to recharge, that's perfectly understandable. Practice some meditation, do some yoga, call your mom, or de-stress in any way you can.

However, since the results of this election are likely to impact many people in very concrete ways, you might feel compelled to, well, do something. There are plenty of ways that you can continue to advocate for your beliefs, even if your chosen candidate didn't make it to the White House. Here are a few ideas about what you can do now that Trump has been voted into office.



This is obviously more about self-care than anything else, but if you're feeling extremely stressed out at the results of the election, you may want to take some time out for yourself. Try practicing meditation or other anti-anxiety techniques that you can do at home.

Talk To Someone

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It might sound silly, but talking helps. Call your mom, your best friend, a sibling, or a mental health hotline and tell them how you are feeling.

Donate To An Organization That You Support

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If you want to do something right this minute, you can donate to an organization that you stand behind, such as Planned Parenthood, various non-profits that offer support to immigrants and refugees, the Black Lives Matter movement, or RAINN.

Contact Local Politicians To Voice Your Concerns

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If you still want to take political action, set your sights locally and contact politicians in your area to speak about the issues you care about. It's just as important that you stay informed about what's going on at the local level if you want to enact change.

If you're feeling defeated right now, just know that sometimes taking action helps.