Katy Perry Has A Message Of Love For Her Parents, Who Voted For Donald Trump

As Presidential election results have been reported on Tuesday night, you can see just by looking at an electoral college map with results that the United States is a nation divided. And then there's the matter of friends and family members who are at odds because they supported different candidates. It's a common situation and one pop star says she knows how you feel. Katy Perry's parents voted for Donald Trump, while she's long been a public supporter for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. As People reported, on election night, Katy Perry made a statement about Trump-voting parents that will remind everyone to still be good to each other, despite supporting different candidates. “Tonight, my parents voted for Trump,” Perry told the crowd at a Clinton election night party, according to People. “But you know what? We will still all be sitting at the same table for Thanksgiving.”

She continued: "This is the moment we need to remember that we all love our parents and we all love our children. I can rest easy knowing that both my nieces at home will never see themselves less than equal." The singer has a great point — despite supporting decidedly different candidates in this election, people still need to express love for each other and not let these differences in believes tear families apart, as it seems to be dividing the country.

Perry has been a ardently vocal Clinton supporter, speaking out for the candidate on numerous occasions and performing at the Democratic National Convention this past summer. But, the singer also said in her speech that she still believes in the power of American democracy. "What a great country this is that gives us the freedom to express our differences, our opinions, our hopes and our fears," Perry said.

It's a powerful speech with the optimism and message of kindness everyone needs to hear right now, so I recommend you check it out above if you're in need of a mood boost right about now.