This Photo Of A Little Girl Crying At A Hillary Clinton Election Night Event Is Devastating

The 2016 presidential election has been a bummer for a number of reasons, which extend all the back to the primaries. But even though we've experienced so many shocking things during the course of this election cycle, hands down the hardest has been watching the returns come in on Tuesday night. No one expected Donald Trump to do as well as he's doing, and while that's hitting hard for many people, for many reasons specific to them, it's also really giving those who were at Hillary Clinton election night events a real feeling of defeat — and that includes people of all ages. In one particularly somber tweet from a Clinton event, a young girl can be seen crying because she's worried about the democratic nominee's chances of still becoming president.

The tweet from Heidi Przybyla, the senior politics reported at USA Today, reads, "Little girl sobbing comforted by mother. Scene from @HillaryClinton event. 2 hours ago she said she cd b POTUS too." Since that last part is in Twitter-speak, I'll translate: 2 hours ago, this young girl thought she could be the president, too. In the photo with the tweet, the faces of the girl and her mother cannot be seen, but you can see there's emotion between them as they lean into one another.

The photo of the mother and daughter is especially sad because it shows what exactly is at stake in this election. Among other things, of course, Clinton winning the presidency would show kids, both boys and girls, that men aren't the only ones who can reach the highest power in this county. And to have that message destroyed if a man who has said awful things about women becomes president instead, just makes it all the worse.

There are still votes being counted, so there is still a chance that Clinton will win. Seeing the picture of this young girl makes me hope that happens more than ever.