'NY Daily News' Cover Speaks For Scared Americans

Election Night feels like a bad dream. For those of us who believe in our democracy, civil liberties, and basic human decency, Tuesday night was a major defeat. As the victories for Donald Trump rolled in one by one in key swing states, it all ended a little before 3 a.m. EST, when Hillary Clinton reportedly called Donald Trump to concede the presidency and he gave his acceptance speech as President-Elect.

While the New York Daily News is known for its hyperbolic covers that sometimes go a bit overboard, they also often say what everyone is thinking. And this time, their early release of tomorrow's NY Daily News cover on Twitter said what many of us are thinking: HOLY SH*T THIS HAS TO BE A BAD DREAM. The headline? "HOUSE OF HORRORS: Trump seizes Divided States of America."

This is really happening, and many of us are very scared. We don't know what a Trump presidency will look like — there have been many promises, none of them consistent. There have been many threats expressed against immigrants, Muslims, women, and just about everyone's civil rights. It's a scary time to be an American. There's no mincing words about it.

House of horrors indeed.