Someone Allegedly Yells Kill Obama At Trump Speech

Though some votes are still being tallied, the Associated Press reported that Donald Trump has won the presidential election, which meant it was time for his victory speech. While many people were likely worried and anxious about what the Republican candidate would say to the nation, it turns out, we should have been more concerned about the people in the crowd. Deray McKesson tweeted that allegedly, someone yelled "kill Obama" during Trump's speech, which is absolutely terrifying. Update: You can watch a clip of the moment here.

Many viewers watching Trump's speech claim they heard someone yell "kill Obama," including The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. In a video clip of the speech, you can hear someone yell what sounds like that, though "Obama" is much easier to decipher than the first word. If that is in fact what was said, there are not words to adequately describe how horrific this is. Advocating violence in any form is never acceptable, let alone against the president. And considering that for Trump supporters, this speech was supposed to be a celebratory event, it's even more alarming. For all intents and purposes, Trump supporters got what they wanted — he appears to be the president-elect. So why take this moment to advocate violence against the current president? You can watch the video that contains the shout below.

For those who were against Trump, this alleged incident is our worst fears come to life. His image as a bully who doesn't respect anyone who disagrees with him has raised many concerns about what kind of impact electing him could have on Americans.

If the heckle above is "kill Obama" after all, it's a terrifying example of how hateful words can snowball and become even more disturbing.