Tonight, Even Memes Went Dark

If you look at Twitter in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, you'll see a lot of despair. In a completely unexpected result, Donald Trump has been declared our new president, and Hillary Clinton supporters are devastated. Generally, Twitter is pretty great about offering up some levity when things take a dark turn, but not on Election Night. Memes & jokes about Donald Trump winning the election are few and far between. And when they exist, they're, well, dark as hell.

In perhaps the darkest vein of all is that of English publication the Mirror. The publication posted a gravestone with the United States' name on it in response to the election result. I won't embed the post here, but you can click over to it if you feel like going down that road.

Others attempted to continue to find room to joke, but seeing these posts, I can't look at them and laugh. They only serve to beg the question over and over again, "How did we really get here?" and "How do we fix this?" and "Did this really just happen?" And in most cases, they barely even qualify as memes. It seems, more than anything, that the funny people of the internet are just stunned.

Sure, these jokes attempt to poke fun at the absurdity of our situation, but the fact of the matter is that this is actually our situation. And your average, everyday levity-inducing meme just isn't going to cut it right now.