Jimmy Kimmel's 'Kardashian Konquest' Is A Hilarious Riff On The Kardashians — VIDEO

Are you suffering from Kardashian fatigue? So is Jimmy Kimmel, and, in fact, he's fearful for all of us, too. In his hilarious sketch, Kardashian Konquest: The Taking of America , Kimmel pokes fun at how the Kardashians have "taken" Miami, New York, and now the Hamptons in this fall's Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons, and are bound to "take" American in its entirety. You know, as though the clan is leading a series of sieges.

He sets up the sketch to be in the style of a Ken Burns-esque PBS documentary, in which General Ryan Seacrast (HAHAHA) is leading the legendary Kardashians throughout American with a manifest destiny. As with any siege, there are tragedies! People lose their loved ones — and their dogs!

The voiceover in the trailer for the mockumentary narrates:

United by a common hunger for glory, and the relentless leadership of General Ryan Seacrest, the tribe started taking land [....] their furious march for domination continued, taking town after town, basketball player after basketball player, until the Kanye West was won.


We're so captivated by the ubiquitous family — be it with their relationships, the selfies that they Instagram, or, their Vogue covers — that, really, the Kardashians have taken us.

Anyway, check out this spot-on riff on the famous family.