How To Have The Ultimate '90s Wedding

You could have a standard, 2016-ish wedding, I guess — or, you could throw a totally banging '90s wedding with style. Yes, the '90s had some serious tack. I'm not going to sit here and tell you, in good conscience, to go out and get a perm, for instance. Or wear an '80s throwback gown (that unfortunately persisted into the '90s) with a froufrou cupcake skirt (think Rachel's bridesmaid dress in Friends, only white and with more lace). What we are going to do is tell you to channel the spirit of Stephanie Seymour circa 1991 because that woman was the '90s wedding Goddess we never truly deserved.

Just because the '90s are over, it doesn't mean that you can't live a '90s life now. Bringing the '90s to your wedding can be as bold as what kind of outfits you have, as fun as your wedding favors, or as simple as the most bang-a-rang '90s playlist ever. Given that's the '90s was such a BIG time for weddings (think Runaway Bride, My Best Friend's Wedding, The Wedding Singer, and all the other wedding-themed movies of the era), so there's no shortage of inspiration. Here are 12 ways you can have a '90s wedding today.

1. Send Out Invites With A Strong '90s Pattern

Even before the actual wedding, think '90s. You don't have to use a comic sans font or anything, but a strong '90s pattern — think more Keith Haring inspired — can add a touch of the era you love to your wedding stationary.

2. Provide Disposable Cameras For Guests To Take Photos On

Chandler and Monica did it in 2001 (which is pretty much still the '90s anyway), so you can do it now as a way of paying homage to the '90s. Plus, who even prints photos any more? It's a wonderful novelty that will take the whole party back to the days before Instagram.

3. If You're Feeling Super '90s, Wear A Mullet Wedding Dress À La Stephanie Seymour

What did I say about Stephanie Seymour being a wedding goddess? Get yourself a mullet dress (short in the front, long train in the back), because a wedding is the only time a dress should have these proportions (because of the mandatory train, duh). Also, just look at her. Don't pretend you didn't grow up dreaming you would be her on your wedding day because I don't believe you.

4. And You're Going To Have To Play "November Rain" As You Walk Down The Aisle

It's sad, sure, but that's nothing in the face of it being the most ultimate '90s wedding song.

5. With An As Elaborate As Possible Veil Like Becky On Full House

The devil's in the details. You can have everything as modern minimalist as you like, but if you include an elaborate headpiece with a long veil (think Celine Dion or Becky from Full House), and you're bringing full '90s wedding chic.

6. Or An All White Suit À La David Beckham/The Boy Band Era

When the Beckhams got married, David Beckham crushed in an all white suit. Bring the boy band era to your modern wedding. All white everything.

7. Really Though, Bride And Groom, Or Bride And Bride, Or Groom And Groom, Should Really Just Be Matching Outfits As Much As Possible

If you're not into looking like you're at Diddy's white party, match something between the couple. The '90s was all about matching — do you even remember Destiny's friggin' Child?

8. If Minimalism Is More Your Thing, Think Claire Danes And Leonardo DiCaprio's Chill AF Wedding Attire In Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet

All this '90s charm might seem a bit OTT, but the '90s also had a chic minimalist streak. Whether it was slinky shift dresses, or the laid back cool of Romeo + Juliet, take your wedding inspo from the simpler parts of the '90s.

9. Have The Reception At Your Parents' House

Because your main goal in life should be to pay homage to Father of the Bride at all times.

10. Give Custom Slap Bands To Guests As Wedding Favors

When choosing wedding favors, pepper them with the '90s. Get custom slap bracelets made with something sentimental printed on them to give to your guests.

11. And Tasteful "Friendship Bracelets" To People In The Wedding Party

Give your friends something '90s inspired to thank them for being there on your big day. Maybe that's not techno colored friendship bracelets made from wool, but you can find some pretty cute matching--and adult--friendship bracelets on sites like Etsy.

12. Get That '90s Playlist Bang On

It must, must, must include Billy Idol.

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