Lin Manuel-Miranda's Post-Election Tweets Are Exactly What America Needs Right Now

There are a lot of people who will try to tell you how to react to the news of Donald Trump's election win on Tuesday night — they will tell you what to think, or try to rile you up, or maybe even try to pull you further down with them. The truth is that there is no dictated way you are supposed to react to this; what you feel is what you feel, and you are entitled to those feelings. And if you're looking for a safe space to express them, Lin Manuel-Miranda's post-election tweets are a fine place to start.

Miranda has been an advocate of Hillary Clinton's campaign for months now, tweeting that he was #WithHer, excited when she quoted Hamilton in her DNC speech, and even rewriting an iconic Hamilton song for the Hillary Clinton Broadway Fundraiser.

But even longer than that, Miranda has been an advocate of the larger good — of supporting your fellow humans, of finding the good in every situation, and fighting like hell for it. His tweets are frequently a go-to source for daily inspiration, and in a moment like this, when his fanbase is reeling in shock over the course of last night's events, that inspiration is more important than ever.

In his first tweet Wednesday morning, he quoted a song from Hamilton, and ended it with his signature sign off: "Let's go."

Later he took to Twitter to respond to users looking for comfort, retweeting their tweets with comments of his own.

He even made a call-out to the many Harry Potter fans who follow his tweets.

His most recent tweet Wednesday morning was another welcome reminder to take a beat, take a breath, and keep on looking forward.

In the words of his character Alexander Hamilton in the musical — we have so much work left to do.