Maeve May Be At The Center Of Everything On 'TWD'

by Caroline Gerdes

The Nov. 6 episode of Westworld finally gave some answers and hints about where the show could be going. After five episodes of build-up, some theories are finally starting to come together, and the answers came in a pretty Maeve-heavy episode. Her journey in “The Adversary” to understand what was happening behind the scenes of Westworld was also the audiences’ journey. As a result, many Westworld theories about Maeve are being discussed, as viewers have begun to realize that her story may reveal a lot about the series' biggest mysteries.

In “The Adversary,” Maeve again offs herself early in the day at Westworld in order to wake up on a slab. But this time, she is taking control. Maeve doesn’t just want talk from the sympathetic butcher, Felix, anymore. She wants to see the inner workings of Westworld for herself, and possibly start to take names. There, she discovers that her life is scripted (and it’s almost too much to compute), and that she has only been at her post as brothel owner for about a year, and convinces Sylvester and Felix to crank her intelligence levels all the way up.

While Maeve made these discoveries, the audience also made some inferences of its own. Through her evolution, we may be able to predict what's next for her story and others. Here are some theories surrounding Maeve’s recent awakening.

Maeve Is In Control

We already knew there was something special about Maeve. She can wake herself up and take herself out of Westworld. But, now her story is really beginning. Not only did she piece together enough information to leave Westworld, she was able to scheme her way into getting answers about her reality, and then manipulate her way into gaining super-intelligence. The only barrier left between the androids and the park personnel, Felix explained, was mind control. And, with that gone, Maeve may be about to take total control of her actions, with no way of being stopped.

Who Has Been Tampering With Maeve?

When Felix and Sylvester go into the system to make alterations on Maeve, they learn that someone already has. For example, her paranoia and self-preservation settings, among others, have been tampered with. Elsie also notices in the same episode that someone has been tinkering with the robots, possibly Arnold, but is kidnapped before she can investigate it further. With two storylines edging on a big discovery, it’s only a matter of time before the puppet master is revealed.

She Can Read Minds

Ok, maybe she is just super-intuitive. But when Maeve had a hold on Sylvester and a knife to his jugular, her I know what you're thinking tactic worked. What if increasing her intelligence to such a high level gave her abilities that humans don't have?

She Confirms The Two Timelines Theory

You are probably aware of the Westworld two timelines theory. You know, the one that Logan, William, and Dolores are in the park 30 years ago during the critical failure, and that William will become the Man in Black? Well, Reddit user Tickleson spotted something during Maeve’s walk around the offices that could confirm this theory. The brothel owner in the promotional video Maeve watches, where she appears in her old loop with her daughter, appears to be the same brothel employee spotted when Logan and William arrive, adding more evidence that they are living in the past.

She Has Conquered The Maze

While this theory is more out there, Redditor Pokapokaoka noticed that an image from the Westworld season preview may show Maeve lying at the center of the maze. She appears to be wearing an outfit from her previous loop as a mother, which could mean that she's actually already been to the maze. If that's the case, Maeve may be surprised to discover that she's the answer to some of the questions she's been struggling with on Westworld.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO (7)