Will 'Total Bellas' Return For Season 2? The Twins Will Be Back Soon

After having been part of E! show Total Divas, the Bella twins finally get their time in the spotlight with their own spinoff show Total Bellas which takes a closer look at the WWE stars as they attempt to maneuver everyday life. The Bella twins made the jump to their own spinoff after five seasons as a part of Total Divas, but left behind fellow WWE stars like Natalya and Eva Marie to focus on their own adventures. Season 1 of Total Bellas comes to an end on Nov. 9, 2016, but how long will fans have to wait for more of the Bella twins? Will there be a Season 2 of Total Bellas?

E! has yet to announce a renewal for Total Bellas, but fans of the twins won't have to wait long at all for their return to television. While The Bella Twins get a more focused approach with Total Bellas, the twins will still continue to be a part of Total Divas which will be returning for Season 6 on Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. on E! There's plenty of Bella twins in the immediate future, but what can fans expect when they make their return to Total Divas?


Of course, any situation in which there are cameras on the Bella twins is going to stir up some drama. Besides, if their lives weren't so exciting and filled with drama they wouldn't need two shows all to themselves. With these two, sometimes it seems that even two shows isn't enough to cover everything.


Things may get tense between the Bellas every now and then, but these two are also able to cut through all the drama surrounding a situation and make a quick, clever remark to diffuse the tension.

John Cena


Chances are if Nikki Bella is around, then her husband — WWE superstar John Cena — isn't far behind. Cena is always ready to make his input heard when it comes to the Bellas, for better or worse.


Total Bellas proves that The Bella Twins are strong in and out of the ring. The season showed that they can get through anything – ranging from major neck injuries to dealing with depression. The Bella Twins are known for laying a physical smackdown on WWE, but episode of Total Bellas are also capable of packing an emotional punch.

With Total Divas Season 6 premiering on Nov. 16, 2016, fans of the Bella twins won't have to wait long for their return. Between their two reality shows and their frequent appearances as part of the WWE, there will be plenty of Bella twins to watch through the end of 2016.

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