9 Inspiring Tweets Thanking Hilary Clinton

I'll be the first to admit it: I have cried about the outcome of the 2016 election. More than once. And have spent the better part of today looking for solace deep into the internet, hoping to find something that will make me feel better about what happened to our country on Tuesday night. I've watched and re-watched Hillary Clinton's concession speech, read countless articles about the importance of banding together during this terrifying time, and g-chatted with friends and colleagues about how we, as women, can move forward. And of course, reading through the insanity of Twitter, which has actually provided a beacon of hope on an otherwise dark Wednesday.

As heartbroken as I am, and as so many of my peers are right now, about the election one can't possibly even imagine what it must have felt like to wake up this morning and be Hillary Clinton. But in true Hillary fashion, she stood up in front of the entire nation with poise, grace, and a chic purple pantsuit, and delivered a powerful speech about that we'll inevitably be quoting to our daughters for generations to come. During the speech, though, there were moments when the normally stoic politician held back tears, and said that the loss was "painful" and "a disappointment" after issuing an "I'm sorry" to her campaign and supporters for losing the election.

But one supporter was simply not willing to accept her apology.

Today's Twitter feed is filled with messages like this one. There are not only messages of support or those declaring #ImStillWithHer, but messages sent directly to Hilary Clinton thanking her for everything she has done for women throughout this election and her career, even though she didn't win.

From her platform to her pantsuits, every moment of Hilary's presence in the election was iconic.

Hilary's campaign, and her entire career, has been built on equality for all.


Go out and do something good for someone today in honor of HRC.

It's important to remember that even though she didn't win last night, Hilary Clinton has broken the glass ceiling many times before.

Her whole life has been dedicated to public service, and I have a feeling it won't stop just because she lost an election.


It's not over. She still has more barriers to break.

I like to think that Hilary Clinton is spending her day with pizza, a glass of wine, and a rom-com, reading through these tweets and knowing what an inspiration she's been, regardless of the outcome of the election. Realistically though, she's probably already out still trying to make the world a better place, which is why we all love her so much to begin with.