There's Hope For Alexandria On 'The Walking Dead'

After less than three episodes, I am more than ready for The Walking Dead to start rising up against Negan and the Saviors. That requires Rick Grimes and his group of survivors to do a lot of regrouping when they return to their homes in Alexandria. What happens to Alexandria in the Walking Dead comics? The safe community is in for some major action.

The Alexandria Safe-Zone offers survivors some comforts, like running water and suburban potlucks, but it comes at a price. No, there isn't a dystopian dictator. Instead, Alexandria's people are ill-equipped for survival in the apocalypse, which is often to the detriment of the more experienced survivors. They are a desirable and resource heavy community without very many good ways to defend themselves. As the promo for the Nov. 13 episode has already shown, Negan is about to pay Alexandria a visit.

What happens after that? These are just a few things that happen in the comics and will give you an idea of what's in store for Alexandria. Unlike other locations on The Walking Dead like the farm, the prison, and even Father Gabriel's church — the group doesn't plan to leave Alexandria any time soon. They are in it for the long haul, and face many threats to keep it that way.


In the comics, Alexandria teams up with the Hilltop and the Kingdom to fight an all-out war against the Saviors. Yes please! I can't wait to see that happen on the AMC series.

Destruction & Reconstruction

However, this results in Alexandria getting almost completely burned down and destroyed. It takes Rick Grimes and the group two years to rebuild, during which time several of the main characters leave for other communities.


The remaining survivors build a safe road between Alexandria and its allies. The world is slowly returning to normal. Alexandria's human population and farming community increases over time. They even have an orchard.


The newly rebuilt Alexandria Safe-Zone even hosts a fair — which is, of course, when the next major threat attacks. Currently, in the comics, Rick Grimes is leading Alexandria in a new war against "the Whisperers." While it may be a while for these creepy villains to appear on AMC's The Walking Dead series, there is a lot in store for Alexandria and it's not going to calm down any time soon.

Image: Gene Page/AMC