Everyone Negan Killed In 'The Walking Dead' Comics Suggests That The Worst Is Over

The Walking Dead Season 7 started with a bash — well technically, bashes — as Negan's victims were finally revealed. Yet, with how many people that Negan has killed in The Walking Dead comics, I don't anticipate that the biggest, baddest villain of the AMC series will be satisfied with just killing Abraham and Glenn, like he did in the Season 7 premiere. I fully expect Negan's death toll on The Walking Dead to continue to climb and looking at his actions in the comic books can offer some insight into which character will be on his chopping block next. Comic book spoilers follow.

While Negan's body count from The Walking Dead comics is pretty high, it's actually a bit less devastating than you'd think based on that Season 7 premiere. Yes, he has killed a lot of people, but not too many of them are established fan-favorites from the TV show. I'm obviously not talking about Glenn here, but based on the below list, you might be a bit relieved to see that the worst of his kills has already happened — at least if the show follows the comics.

Besides the sh*tload of zombies that Negan has killed (I like to think he'd approve of my foul language — not that I need Negan's approval or anything), here are the characters that Negan either directly or indirectly has killed in The Walking Dead comics.


His death in the comics matches his death on the TV series. I refuse to dwell, so let's move on.


If you don't remember Holly, don't feel too bad. This Alexandrian was only in one episode and died when the Wolves attacked the town in Season 6. Denise tried to save her, but to no avail. In the comics, she's a more significant character and after Negan kills her, she ends up biting Denise.


Because Holly was killed by Negan and Holly bit Denise, you could say that Negan was responsible for Denise's death in the comics in some way. It's a stretch and at this point in the TV show it doesn't matter since Denise didn't become a zombie, but was killed in Season 6 by the Savior Dwight.


In the comics, it's actually Abraham who is killed with a crossbow arrow to the eye by Dwight. Like with Denise, you could say that Negan is still partially a responsible party though since in the comics, he had sent Dwight out to kill a member of Rick's group. As for the TV show, fans know that Negan is 100 percent responsible for Abraham's death on the AMC series.


A Hilltop character that viewers haven't seen much of yet is Kal, who is a guard for the colony. He was there when Ethan and Andy came back to the colony after a supply delivery to Negan. Ethan then stabbed their leader Gregory in an effort to save his brother Craig, who was being held hostage by Negan. Rick killed Ethan and then Kal tried to attack my beloved Rick — magically, he's still alive. This is very similar to his comic book story and in the comics, Kal eventually ends up aligning with Rick's group. His demise goes down when he tries to defend Hilltop from the Saviors and Negan orders him to be shot. Negan doesn't pull the trigger, but he is responsible for Kal dying.


Andy is another Hilltop colony resident who is still alive in the TV series. He rescued Craig from the Saviors with some serious help from Rick and crew during their nighttime murder raid, but he's already dead in the comics thanks to Negan killing him on the aforementioned supply delivery. (In the comics, he never even made it to Hilltop when Ethan stabbed Gregory.) Even though he hasn't had much screen time, his TV role is already much larger than his comic role — but that doesn't mean his TV version couldn't also be killed by Negan.


Besides Glenn being killed (you know — since that's already happened), the Negan death from the comics that is most likely to occur in Season 7 is Spencer's. When Rick goes to meet Ezekiel in the comics, Negan goes to Alexandria and kills Spencer. As Deanna's surviving son is still hanging out at Alexandria, this seems totally plausible.

See? Not so bad, right? If Spencer is the only other person that Negan kills in Season 7, then I'll be pretty content. Unfortunately, I don't anticipate that the show will let fans off the hook that easy — especially since Negan is currently holding Daryl hostage and as Daryl never appeared in the comics, his fate is a complete mystery.

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